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Stiegl Stange Glass (various sizes)

One word perfectly describes the Stiegl Stange Glass: Elegance!

A well-poured Pils in this glass gives that old-fashioned beer stlye a contemporary look. The assymetrically shaped, slender beer glass is ideal for dry, light beers - because a beer's aroma unfolds differently depending on the glass its being enjoyed in!

The Stiegl Stange Glass is also available in a set of six.

For a truly personal gift or just a wonderful souvenir, get your Stiegl - Glass individually engraved!
More information see below.
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There is no real drinking pleasure, without the matching beer glass.

The true connoisseur knows: The pleasure of drinking beer begins with the appearance. A bright yellow beer with a fine-pored and creamy head in a beer glass makes a really elegant impression and increases the anticipation of the first sip.
In terms of taste, it also pays to pour the beer into a proper glass. In contrast to drinking from the bottle, the nose also gets an impression of the beer, when drinking out of a glass.
It has been scientifically proven that about 90% of the sensory impressions during eating and drinking are not produced on the tongue, but are perceived by the nose. While the tongue only recognizes five basic tastes, there are hundreds - if not thousands - of aromas that can be registered by the nose.

It's all about the shape!

At Stiegl, we always pay attention to the highest quality of our products. Therefore it depends not only on what goes into the glass, but also how the Stiegl beer is presented inside the glass. It is not without reason that Stiegl's motto is "brewing art at the highest level"!
Our motto is emphasized also in the optics of our beer glasses. In order to do so, we cooperated with the renowned design company KISKA. The result is the Stiegl Beer Glass Series, which is exclusively produced by world-famous glass producers. The glasses are always stable thanks to an elegant heel and the beer is visually "one step above".

Product Information

Product Information - Stiegl Stange Glass

volume: various sizes (0.2l, 0.3l)
size: 0.2l: 19cm/5,5cm
0.3l: 21,5cm/6cm
material: glass
manufacturer: Mäser
care instructions: dishwasher-safe
beer matching: Stiegl Pils
How it works:

You can make this Stiegl Glass you your very own Stiegl Glass! We happily engrave your name on your glass.

4. Check the box "Order with Customization" and then click on "Customize".

5. In the pop-up box add the desired name (up to 15 characters)

6. Complete the order.

Please note:

• Engraving is unfortunately not possible on the 0,125 l Wheat Beer Glass
• Since the glass is engraved especially four you, it might take a few days longer for the package to arrive at your home. We ask for your understanding.

We offer our engraving service to privat persons, but happily also in the B2B sector.
You have a company logo you want engraved on our Stiegl Glasses?
Just write us an email to, preferably with the desired logo or words already attached and we will get back to you with an offer as soon as possible.
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