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Maximilian Mug (0,5 L)

Special Edition:
Stone Stiegl mugs out of the archive

A co-production with Stiegl-Archivist Raphael Steiner

The new interpretation of a historic Stiegl mug from the 1950ies.
The extraordinary but wonderful vintage look is quite special.
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Historic Mug

The design of the historic mug was representative of Stiegl beer already from the 1950ies until the 1970ies.
This mug accompanied the Stiegl brewery through the hard times of occupation, which came with scarcity of raw materials, and the post-war period up to the economic boom and finally the recovery of the Austrian sovereignty

Moreover this mug has also seen a lot of changes inside the company as well: Heinrich Kiener jun. took over the brewery in 1950, the "Salzburg Getränkeindustrie" was founded, Stiegl managed a continuous increase in beer production and the brewery grounds grew and were constantly updated and modernized. Additionally the steam driven Stiegl train had its last ride.
This mug has shared a lot of important centuries with the Stiegl brewery. Those centuries started the development which lead to Stiegl being the biggest private brewery in Austria today. This mug is a part of the history that makes up Stiegl and all its values.  

Product information -  Stiegl Stone Mug

0,5 l
Measures (H / W):
21 cm / 7 cm
stone ware
dishwasher safe 

Did You know…?

Clay mugs are ideal for drinking beer on hot summer days!
Thanks to the insolating capacities of the clay the beer stays cool for longer than in normal glasses, no matter how hot it gets.
In winter the same mechanism keeps Glühbier (hot beer) warm!


Stiegl-Archivar Raphael Steiner

Raphael is a studied historian and has a thing for beer. His passion for the Stiegl-archive is obvious: "In Austria there are very few company archives or companies which are willing to employ an archivist. So this is definitely something exceptional about Stiegl. On the other hand, there are simply only a few companies with a history of over 530 years. In the spirit of knowing where you came from to know where to go, I can also contribute to current processes here at Stiegl.

The Stiegl-archive holds an innumerable amount of Stiegl-memorabilia and collectors' items: “This ranges from beer bottles, glasses and mugs to old documents and newspapers which have to do with the Stiegl brewery. At the moment we have documented almost 30.000 pieces. However, this is definitely an ongoing process. By now we have not even inserted half of the items available into our system.”, says the young Stiegl-archivist.
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