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Stiegl Beer Mug with Tin Lid (0.5 l)

Keep you beer safe and stylish

Beer steins were invented well over 100 years after the Stiegl brewery was founded. In the 16th Century people were already quenching their thirst out of pottery beer mugs. And because time doesn’t stand still our glass stein is decked out with an elegant tin lid!

This Mug is shipped in a wooden box.
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There is no real drinking pleasure, without the matching beer glass.

The true connoisseur knows: The pleasure of drinking beer begins with the appearance. A bright yellow beer with a fine-pored and creamy head in a beer glass makes a really elegant impression and increases the anticipation of the first sip.
In terms of taste, it also pays to pour the beer into a proper glass. In contrast to drinking from the bottle, the nose also gets an impression of the beer, when drinking out of a glass.
It has been scientifically proven that about 90% of the sensory impressions during eating and drinking are not produced on the tongue, but are perceived by the nose. While the tongue only recognizes five basic tastes, there are hundreds - if not thousands - of aromas that can be registered by the nose.

It's all about the shape!

At Stiegl, we always pay attention to the highest quality of our products. Therefore it depends not only on what goes into the glass, but also how the Stiegl beer is presented inside the glass. It is not without reason that Stiegl's motto is "brewing art at the highest level"!
Our motto is emphasized also in the optics of our beer glasses. In order to do so, we cooperated with the renowned design company KISKA. The result is the Stiegl Beer Glass Series, which is exclusively produced by world-famous glass producers. The glasses are always stable thanks to an elegant heel and the beer is visually "one step above".

Product Information

Product Information - Stiegl Mug with Tin Lid

This Stiegl Mug is a true eye-catcher. It is not only because of the modern design of this old fashioned vessel. Due to the tin lid - a tribute to "the good old days" - you can now relax in the garden or balcony and don't have to worry about insects falling into your favourite Stiegl Beer.
volume: 0.5l
size: 19cm / 9.5cm
material: glass
manufacturer: Sahm
care instructions: dishwasher-safe (Due to the tin lid, we recommend cleaning this mug by hand.)
beer matching: Goldbräu
The Stiegl-Experience

“Today I bake, tomorrow I brew,
The day after that the queen's child comes in.” (Grimm's Fairy Tales - Rumpelstiltskin)

Beer has been enjoyed for hundreds of years. But did you know that for a long time, brewing was naturally done by women?

The production of beer was once a normal household activity - just like baking, cooking or washing. Therefore it was natural for women to stand at the brewing kettle.
It was not until the Late Middle Ages that the profession of the beer brewer developed into a male domain.
Today the brewing at the Stiegl Brewery is also in the hand of men. Our master brewers make sure that your favourite Stiegl beer always tastes as good as it always has!


For all fans of old beer mugs and steins, the Stiegl Brauwelt is just the place to go! In your brewery's museum in Salzburg there is a whole exhibition of unique and special mugs and stones.
Over there you don't only get to learn a lot about these vessels, but also about the Stiegl Brewery's vast history.

If you want to give yourself an insight into the process of beer brewing, you can look our brewers over the shoulder.
On you find all important information for your visit. We look forward to welcome you.
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Birthday Glass Krug
by Christopher Withers, from Northolt [ London] at 08.06.2020
Yesterday was my 66th birthday and as Stiegl is my favourite Austrian brew, this was a welcome birthday present