Stiegl Craft Beer - Butterblume (new year-round Edition 2019)

Hausbier Butterblume m. Glas
Hausbier Butterblume m. Glas
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Age rating: 16 Years
Price per liter: 9,20 EUR/l
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Stiegl Craft Beer Butterblume

Let yourself be seduced by this Bohemian Pilsner, which greets you from the glass with a deep golden smile and a thick crown of foam.
Compared to most "regular" Pilsner Beers, the Stiegl Craft Beer Butterblume has a characteristic, slightly buttery aroma in the malt fragrance.
Take your time, enjoy this beer - close your eyes and feel transported to Plzeň (Pilsen).
Bottle 0.75 l

Stiegl Craft Beer Butterblume is available year-round.

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Beverages can only be sent to postal addresses in Austria.
This Beer is only available in Austria
The heart of the Stiegl-"Hausbrauerei" beats in the ancient vaulted basements of our old-brewery building. In two small copper kettles, strictly limited quantities of beer are brewed by hand, which are subsequently partially matured in barrels in our aging cellar.
This is our tribute to the ancient art of brewing, which we still celebrate until this day. The creativity of our brew masters is given free rein, and the results are our Stiegl Craft Beers. 
These beers are unparalleled and look for a resembling in their field. Stiegl Craft Beers stand for the highest level of brewing culture, for individuality and diversity.

Stiegl Craft Beer BUTTERBLUME

Our creative head brewer describes our Stiegl Craft Beer Butterblume as follows:
Deep golden tints, gently ascending carbonic acid and a dense foam crown are harbingers of a particularly beery pleasure. The malty fragrance, typical butter nuances and herb-like hop tones hint at the Bohemian origin. The spicy body puts up a fair resistance against the harmonious bitterness of the hops. At the finish, this passionate "pivo" ispleasantly rounded and tenderly bitter.

The Stiegl Craft Beer Butterblume is available all-year.

Product information - Stiegl Craft Beer Butterblume

style: Vollbier (Bohemian Style Pilsner)
fermentation: bottom fermented
gravity: 12.2°P
ABV: 5.0%vol.
ingredients: water, BIO-barley malt, BIO-hops, yeast
ideal drinking temperature: 6-9°C (43-46°F)
ideal glass ware: Stiegl Craft Beer Glass or Stiegl-Straight up Glass
culinary matching: Fiaker goulash, Roast pork, Wels catfish filet, Mature gouda, beer cheese

0.75l disposable bottle.

All ingredients marked with "BIO" have the organic control point code AT-BIO-501. This means that they are certified organic by the control centre Salzburger Landwirtschaftlichen Kontroll GesmbH (SLK).
You can find more information on the organic certificates of Stiegl at


  All of our beers and brewed beverages (e.g. lemonade) contain gluten and gluten based products.

For more information about Stiegl Craft Beer Butterblume, please visit
The Stiegl-Experience

“Beer is a truly divine medicine.” (Paracelsus)

Beer has been enjoyed hundreds of years ago. But did you know that beer has been one of the few "safe" foods for a long time?

Up to the early Modern Period, clean drinking water was the exception rather than the rule. Very often epidemics were caused by polluted water. Since beer is boiled during the brewing process, bacteria from the water are killed. In addition to that, beer contains hops and alcohol. Both of which have germ-inhibiting properties. Thus, beer was a safe drink in early times. It is also very nutritious and contains a number of vitamins and minerals. So it was not only Saint Hildegard of Bingen but also Salzburg's doctor and mystic Paracelsus, who underlined the high value of beer.
Up until today, our brew masters take good care of this fact, so your Stiegl beer is a truly divine drink.


In addition to brewing the classic Stiegl range, our master brewers also have the opportunity to live out their creative veins and produce modern and unusual beer styles - often referred to as "craft beer". Besides Columbus 1492 Pale Ale, the result are the annual, limited-edition "Sonnenkönig" beers, as well as the regularly changing Stiegl Craft Beers.

If you want to get an insight into the beer brewing process, you can visit our brewers.
Simply go to to see all important information We are looking forward to your visit.
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