Wildshuter Beer Salt - Sortenspiel (50g)

Wildshuter Biersalz Sortenspiel
Wildshuter Biersalz Sortenspiel Wildshuter Biersalze
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This Wildshut Beer Salt is a great ingredient for seasoning all kind of food. It combines the noble ingredients of the Wildshut "Sortenspiel" beer with the valuable source salt from Portugal.
You can finish steaks or light meals and brings your food's flavour to the highest level.

"With us, the farmer actually only eats and drinks, what he knows."

Markus Trinker, creative head-brewer

Our Stiegl-Farm Wildshut is Austria's first Beer Farm. Located 30 kilometres north of the city of Salzburg, we operate our own organic farming with everything that belongs to it.
On the one hand, the livestock sector with mainly old breeds. Sheep, cattle and pigs are kept in a manner appropriate to the needs of the species. But that's not all, we have to offer:
On our Beer Farm we grow the ancient grains, which we malt, roast and process on-site, in order to brew our Wildshut Craft Beers.


In times when beers are becoming more and more similar, since all breweries use the same ingredients, we want to make things different. Therefore our Beer Farm is used as a think tank. Our head brewers experiment with new recipes or variations. In 2015 an "ancient beer" was created in the way, the Sumerians already brew beer more than 5.000 years ago. This brew was fermented and matured for about half a year in huge clay amphorae, we have buried deep into the sand of our estate. The result were 3,500 bottles of "Wildshuter Urbier", a drink with champagne-like acidity and a uniquely balanced combination of acid, herbal and fruity notes. This very special beer is already sold out


For all information about the Wildshut Beer Farm, please visit: www.biergut.at (website in German)


Did we catch your attention? Have a look at our image film about our Stiegl-Farm Wildshut - Austria's 1st Beer Farm. 


The new book "Gut Wildshut" is truly an eye-catcher for every bookshelf or living room table.
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Product Information

Wildshut Beer Salt "Sortenspiel"

The basic ingredient of our beer salt comes from salt sources close to Rio Maior in central Portugal. These salt sources of Fonte de Bica are among the oldest saltworks in Europe. About 80 salt growers jointly operate a cooperative and keep the traditional trade alive, which dates back more than 800 years.
Rock salt, which has been formed during the drying out of a primeval sea some 200 million years ago, is washed out by underground watercourses and comes to the surface in natural sources. From these so-called "Artesian wells" the brine is collected in basins and naturally evaporates in the sun. In the course of about one week the salt water is passed into several basins and rises in the salt concentration. At the end of the production process in Portugal, the by then formed salt crystals are drafted from the bottom of the water basins and placed in the sun to dry. The salt harvest is still carried out according to traditional methods, mostly by hand.
In the end, the result is a valuable food which is completely natural. It is neither refined, nor subjected to boiling, or even enriched with artificial iodine. It has a natural, hearty taste and a high content of micronutrients (in particular selenium).
For that reason, this Rio-Maior-salt is considered one of the best and most valuable salt in the world.

For the Wildshuter Biersalze, this valuable source salt is further ennobled in several steps.
In a first step, Wildshut Sortenspiel beer is mixed with natural hop cones and gently concentrated. The highly viscous beer essence obtained in this process is then blended with the salt and then entirely dried. Finally the spice salt is gently crushed by hand.

The Wildshut Beer Salt "Sortenspiel" is an all-round spice and can be used to refine all kinds of dishes such as salads, snack dishes or meat dishes.

Product Information - Wildshut Bier Salt "Sortenspiel"

ingredients: pure Rio Maior salt, Wildshut Sortenspiel beer (contains barley-, spelt- and emmer-malt, black oats), hop cones
filling quantity: 50g


Due to the used beers, the beer salts contain gluten and gluten based products.

Our Wildshut Beer Salt are hand crafted by the Flachgau-based Gewürzmanufaktur Naturboxx.
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